22 NOV 2017 - Affiliate Rewards

RevShare Offer RoseGal.com Poised for Big Black Friday Weekend

RoseGal.com is one of our first RevShare offers that was launched earlier in the month and there’s no better time to start promoting it then right now. If you’ve yet to try promoting one of our new RevShare campaigns, this would be a great option to start with.

Black Friday is this weekend, highlighting the biggest spending period of the year for North American consumers, leading into the holiday season. Not only do RoseGal’s clothing products lend themselves well as gifts, but specific Black Friday and holiday landing pages and creatives have been provided to help strengthen this angle that you can only use once a year.

RoseGal.com is a popular online clothing site that offers a wide array of clothing styles for both men and women. You can look at their website and products by clicking here

This offer is likely to have the most success when targeted towards users from the US, UK, Canada, Australia, Belgium, and Belarus.

The percentage of sale converts on any completed purchase.

Percentage of Sale: 12%

Traffic Sources: Display, Contextual, Social, Search, Mobile Ads, Native Ads

Countries: All Countries

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