25 JAN 2017 - Affiliate Rewards

Pet Vertical Welcomes New $24 CPA Pet Food Offer

The Naked Dog – First Box $10 campaign is such a new offer, that it practically doesn't exist yet as I'm typing this. It’s also EXCLUSIVE to MaxBounty, and has the potential to bring you high converting success right away. It has a $24 CPA rate and we recommend it as our top offer in the pet niche right now.

The Naked Dog dry dog food is specially selected for user’s pets and delivered to their door. It’s available in three protein rich formulas and is grain and gluten free.

This offer allows users to receive their first order for only $10 by using the special promocode: 10bucks. The offer also converts once a new user has made a purchase without the promo code ($18-$30)

Web, contextual, social, search, and mobile traffic are permitted for promoting this campaign. For search traffic, brand bidding is allowed

Login to your MaxBounty account now and click here to start running this campaign.

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