10 JAN 2017 - Conference

Engage in Rooftop Gluttony at MaxBounty's ASW Affiliate Hangout

If you're attending Affiliate Summit West in Vegas this weekend, we want you to double your pleasure and fun by rubbing elbows and breaking bread with MaxBounty on Sunday night. We're hosting a completely free event after the Meet Market at one of the coolest spots on the Vegas Strip - Beer Park, and ALL affiliates are welcome!

You'll get to chat with MaxBounty owners, Affiliate Managers, as well as fellow affiliates over an open bar and food selection. You can network, discuss campaign strategies, or just laugh together at the stumbling drunk person on the street below. We won't judge.

Where: Beer Park in the Paris Hotel facing the famous Bellagio Fountain

When: Sunday the 15th, 7-9PM, After the Meet Market

What: Networking and Alcohol

Who: Affiliates Only

See you there!

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