22 DEC 2016 - Offer

12 Days of Earning Day 11: EZ Money Team

EZ Money Team is a Biz Opp campaign that helps teach users the tools and techniques to earn extra income online. Users can sign up to receive personal online coaching to achieve financial freedom in Canada, USA, Australia, and the UK. The offer converts on a $49 purchase.

CPA rate: $50 per sale

Traffic Sources: Web, contextual, search, social

Why to Run it: This campaign assists users in finding financial freedom at a time of year where they may need it most.

Click here to be directed to the offer page for this campaign to begin promoting.

1st Day of Earning: Totally Free – KitchenAid

2nd Day of Earning: CashAdvance.com

3rd Day of Earning: SecurityPrivacy.com

4th Day of Earning: SweepsCity - $100 eBay Gift Card

5th Day of Earning: The Perfect Wine Opener

6th Day of Earning: QuoteFin.com

7th Day of Earning: Scribd – Book Trial

8th Day of Earning: Sweep City - $100 Toys R Us Gift Card

9th Day of Earning: Sweep City – Sponsored Retirement Plans – Biz Opp

10th Day of Earning: Sweep City - $TL900 LED Headlamp

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