19 DEC 2016 - Offer

12 Days of Earning Day 8: SweepsCity - $100 Toys R Us Gift Card

Last week we highlighted a campaign from SweepCity that allowed users the chance to win a $100 eBay gift card. This offer is the same concept but features a $100 Toys R Us gift card instead. Toys R Us is synonymous with children’s toys, and the idea of receiving an extra $100 to spend on gifts for their children for Christmas should entice users. As with the last week’s offer, users fill out short surveys in order to be entered to win the gift card. This offer converts upon valid registration and completion of the survey path.

CPA rate: $2.80

Traffic Sources: Web, contextual, search, social, mobile, e-mail, incentive

Why to Run it: Toys R Us is the premier sales outlet for children’s gifts all year around, and during the holidays it’s prominence is only increased.

Click here to be directed to the offer page for this campaign to start running it today.

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