16 DEC 2016 - Offer

12 Days of Earning Day 7: Scribd Book Trial - Incentive

With Scribd, users can signup to receive monthly access to books, audiobooks, and more, for much less than the cost of a paperback. This campaign allows traffic from ALL countries, but Australia, Canada, UK, and the US convert the best. A lead converts on the completion of a trial sign up. This campaign is also unique in that it allows incentive traffic.

CPA rate: $2.25

Traffic Sources: Web, contextual, search, social, mobile, incentive

Why to Run it: Users will view it as a great gift idea for any book enthusiast. Interest in reading/books also increases during the winter months because of the less enjoyable weather.

Click here to be directed to the offer page for this campaign to start running it today.

1st Day of Earning: Totally Free – KitchenAid

2nd Day of Earning: CashAdvance.com

3rd Day of Earning: SecurityPrivacy.com

4th Day of Earning: SweepsCity - $100 eBay Gift Card

5th Day of Earning: The Perfect Wine Opener

6th Day of Earning: QuoteFin.com

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