16 DEC 2016 - Offer

12 Days of Earning Day 5: The Perfect Wine Opener

The Perfect Wine Bottle Opener provides an alternative to the traditional corkscrew tool, instead utilizing suction to provide an easier and quicker solution. The nature of this product is PURE Christmas gift, and you can expect many users to be enticed by that notion as well as it’s affordable price.

CPA rate: $12 per sale

Traffic Sources: Web, contextual, social, mobile, e-mail

Why to Run it: The product is the perfect simple gift idea for users looking for something small on a short notice. They are also running holiday salse for items and gift sets that are available at reduced prices until the end of December.

Click here to be directed to the offer page for this campaign in order to start running it today.

1st Day of Earning: Totally Free – KitchenAid

2nd Day of Earning: CashAdvance.com

3rd Day of Earning: SecurityPrivacy.com

4th Day of Earning: SweepsCity - $100 eBay Gift Card

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