18 DEC 2017 - Affiliate Rewards

Make Spent Travel Your Go-to Offer Leading into X-mas

The end of the year is the most popular travel time for a few reasons. December is a common month to take time off from work for holidays, people are attempting to escape from cold weather and snow, and visiting family in other parts of a country or the world becomes more plausible. This makes right now the perfect time to try out a new travel offer to capitalize on the increased trips users will be planning.

The Spent Travel App allows users to search millions of hotels across the globe to find the exact travel accommodation they’re looking for. Additionally, they can then earn money by receiving cash back from their bookings. This feature separates Spent Travel from some other travel booking services and therefore, their accompanying offers as well.

The image below from Spent Travel’s website explains briefly how the process works. For more info on the company and the app, you can head to their website by clicking here


This offers converts on any completed booking.

Note: Desktop users can book anywhere around the world, but mobile users can only access the app if they're US residents.

CPA Rate: $20

Countries: All countries allowed

Permitted Traffic Sources: Display, Social, Contextual, Search, Mobile Ads, Native Ads

To run this campaign, log in to your MaxBounty account and click here to be directed to the offer page.

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