22 FEB 2018 - Offer

Conversions Increasing for Background Check Campaigns

Two background check campaigns at MaxBounty are seeing a significant increase in conversions recently. Affiliates running Background Check and SeekVerify Background Checks – US are quickly adding to their 2018 earnings by promoting these campaigns, and we want you to do the same.

Background check campaigns allow users to utilize public records to access an individuals background information such as criminal records. This can be useful for people who want to ensure the person they’re in contact with is who they say they are. Renting out a residence or purchasing a used car are a couple of examples where someone might want to do a background check on someone.

Both offers allow nearly all traffic sources to be used when promoting them, except for incentive traffic. This broadens your possibilities when choosing a strategy that you think will be successful. Search or PPV contextual traffic typically have the best results in this niche, with native ads are also an effective option.

The SeekVerify campaign is also currently running a promotion that will pay out affiliates an extra $4 per lead if they generate 10 or more in a calendar month. This essentially increases the CPA rate to $28 if you surpass the 10 lead threshold.

The offer converts on a completed subscription sale, while the SeekVerify offer converts on credit card submit for a subscription or $1 trial.

CPA Rate: $37 (Spokeo) $24 (SeekVerify)

Traffic Sources: Display, Contextual, Social, Mobile Ads, Search, Social, Native Ads

Countries: United States

Run 2018 Background Check

Run SeekVerify Background Checks – US

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16 FEB 2018 - Industry

How Facebook's Reach Revisions Could Affect Affiliates

This week Facebook implemented some changes to their Page Insights section that will impact the way reach and impression information is calculated. If you’re an administrator of a page that you use to promote offers, it’s important to know what these changes are and how they could alter your perception of the analytics Facebook provides you with.

Below is a description from Facebook of the main changes being implemented.

"For Pages, we’ve historically calculated reach based on how many times a post was delivered in News Feed. And for paid ads, we use a stricter definition that only counts reach once a post enters a person's screen.

We previously announced this change, and starting Monday, we will update how we measure organic reach of Pages to be more consistent with the way we calculate reach for ads. This is a change in the way that we measure reach, not a change in News Feed distribution, and other engagement metrics will remain the same. This will provide Page owners with a more precise measurement of their audience and offer a more consistent measurement methodology across both our paid and organic reach reporting. Since this is stricter reporting, some Pages may see lower reach figures than before."

To smoothen the transition process, both the new and old metrics will be available to admins for the next couple of months.

Facebook’s definition of reach has always been a little ambiguous, and unlike engagement such as comments and clicks, there’s no way for you, the page owner, to verify the information Facebook is providing is accurate.

Something important to take away from this is that the number of users you typically reach with your posts should remain the same. If you notice a decrease in your reach numbers, it’s because what was considered a ‘Reach’ before on your page has changed, not that less users are being exposed to your content.

In addition to technical changes, the Page Insights section is receiving a cosmetic makeover as well. Both iOS and Android versions of the Facebook app have been updated, with information being re-prioritized and moved to the top of display, including:

• Page diagnostics (likes, reach, engagement)

• Recent post performance

• Page engagement preview (demographics of new followers, etc.)

Admins can also now create new posts that are based off older posts that have gained traction in the past. This gives you the opportunity to have repeated success by duplicating components of your posts that your users felt compelled to engage with previously.

If you notice a decrease in reach, don’t be too alarmed, as it’s likely just a by product of this update. Continue to monitor other engagement such as clicks, likes, and comments as that information is what's most valuable anyways. Both these technical and cosmetic changes could alter the way you promote and analyze content as a Facebook Page admin however, so it’s important to be aware of what they are, and what exactly they change, until Facebook decides to change something again next month.

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06 FEB 2018 - Affiliate Rewards

Earn $125 Bonuses on Two Loan Offers in February

Two Loan offers at MaxBounty will be paying out significant bonuses in the month of February - 247LoanPros and 5k Funds Loan – Personal Loans.

If you’re able to generate (5) conversions or more in February on either of these campaigns, an additional $125 will be added to your earnings. That’s on top of the initial $45 CPA you’ll be paid for every lead generated. This means that if you’re promoting both offers you can make an extra $250 in earnings this month, just for promoting offers the same way you would regularly.

5K Funds helps users find a loan starting at 5.99% APR, with over 100 authorized lenders willing to lend them money. It converts on a completed loan application.

247LoanPros offers users loans anywhere between $1,000 and $5,000 regardless of why they need it. It also converts on a completed loan application.

Early in the year and post-holidays is a time of year where many users feel a financial crunch, so right now is a great opportunity to be increasing your earnings by promoting these loan offers, and to receive additional bonuses for doing so.

CPA Rate: $45

Countries: United States

Permitted Traffic Sources: Display, Contextual, Native Ads, Social Ads, Mobile Ads, Search

Log in to your MaxBounty account now and click the links below to begin promoting these campaigns to earn your $125 bonuses.


247LoanPros – Email Only

5k Funds Loan – Personal Loans

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01 FEB 2018 - Network

FREE Web Hosting Now Available to MaxBounty Affiliates

Starting this month, MaxBounty is offering affiliates another unique network feature that no other CPA network has before. You can now host your website on our own MaxBounty Hosting platform at absolutely no cost.

Any MaxBounty affiliate can receive free web hosting by helping us acquire new MaxBounty Hosting users by promoting the Maxbounty Hosting offer that is now active.

If you’re an affiliate of ours, all you need to do is generate (3) leads to the campaign and you’ll be automatically enrolled to one month of reliable and secure web hosting at no cost. To continue to receive free hosting, just generate an additional (1) lead on the offer each month thereafter. If you were to generate (2) leads in your next month, you’d receive (2) months of free hosting. The number of free months you can receive after you’ve hit the initial (3) lead threshold is endless.

It’s entirely possible that you could receive a lifetime’s worth of free hosting if you consistently obtain conversions when promoting the MBH offer.

The campaign pays out in both CPA ($80) and RevShare (50% of sale) models depending on the type of lead being generated. The CPA rate pays out on a completed annual hosting purchase while the RevShare % of sale pays out on any other type of sale.

The benefits of this opportunity are two-fold, as you’ll gain access to free web hosting while also earning money by promoting the offer. You can essentially be paid to use MaxBounty Hosting.

The way you begin getting your free hosting is simple. Once you’ve generated the 3 leads to the offer, you’ll be sent a promo code which you will input at to receive your specialized hosting package. Your free month will begin and last for 30 days from the day you input your promo code and receive your package details.

The hosting package you’ll receive includes the following premium features.

• Our highest performance and speed
• Unlimited websites
• Unlimited storage
• Unlimited bandwidth
• Unlimited Park Domains
• Unlimited Sub Domains
• Unlimited E-mail Accounts
• Unlimited Domain Privacy

Click here to begin promoting the MaxBounty Hosting offer to receive free hosting.

To learn more about our web hosting services, go to

Note: If you’re unable to generate an additional (1) lead in your 2nd month or any other month that follows one where you did receive free hosting, you will receive an e-mail giving you the option to purchase hosting for that month. We understand it’s important that any of your websites hosted by us remain active, so a grace period will be provided for you to decide if you’d like to purchase your next month, or de-activate your hosting at no cost.

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