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12 APR 2017 - MaxBounty University

Learn How to Increase Your Traffic with Relevant Content

Last week's MBU training video showed you how to get your site indexed by Google. This week is a continuation of that lesson, teaching you how to utilize relevant content in the form of supplementary pages to improve your ranking.

You can watch the full video below for free if you're a MaxBounty affiliate.

MaxBounty University Training Video 9: Relevant Content

If you'd like access to the video but aren't currently signed up as an affiliate, you can apply to become one here.

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29 MAR 2017 - MaxBounty University

MBU: Learn How to Get Your Site Indexed by Google

Having your page indexed and ranked by Google is an integral part of page building in affiliate marketing. Our newest training video in MaxBounty University takes you through the steps to achieve this, including setting up Amazon S3, selecting your keywords, building your page and sitemap, and making a request for Google to crawl your page

You can watch the full video below for free if you're a MaxBounty affiliate.

MaxBounty University Training Video 8: Indexing Your Site

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15 NOV 2016 - MaxBounty University

WATCH MaxBounty University Beginner Lessons 4 and 5

If you're still relatively new to affiliate marketing, then we hope you've been watching our Beginner Series training videos in MaxBounty University. We also highly suggest it.

Lessons 4 and 5 have been released in that last couple weeks, and this post is aimed to get you caught up on both in case you missed them. You can find links to both lessons below that direct to the MaxBounty University page inside our Affiliate dashboard.

Lesson Four describes the path users go through before clicking the "buy" button, and what you can do make that path as seamless as possible. Lesson Five discusses writing effective headlines that will help you increase conversions.

Lesson Four

Lesson Five

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27 OCT 2016 - MaxBounty University

WATCH MaxBounty University Lesson Three Now

The third beginner training video discusses landing pages and what elements can make them either effective or ineffective. If you've been struggling using landing pages successfully or knowing what to include in them, then this lesson should answer a lot of questions you've been asking yourself.

You can find Lesson Three as well as the previous two beginners lessons, and additional advanced and supplimentary videos in the MaxBounty University section of the Affiliate Dashboard here. here.

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03 OCT 2016 - MaxBounty University

MaxBounty University Lesson One Now Available!

MaxBounty University has officially opened it's doors this morning!

Our very own comprehensive performance marketing training has begun, and you can check out Lesson One if you’re a MaxBounty affiliate by heading to the MBU page in your affiliate dashboard here.

Today’s Basic Level lesson goes over traffic selections, choosing the right campaign, and making the most out of the features in the Affiliate Dashboard.

If you’d like to gain access to MaxBounty University but aren’t currently an affiliate of ours, you can signup to become one by heading here.

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