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05 MAR 2018 - Network

Tell MaxBounty What Campaigns You Want to Promote

If you’re finding success with another network running an offer that isn’t available at MaxBounty, we want to give you the opportunity to start running that offer with us as soon as possible.

One of the features in our network that perhaps not every affiliate is aware of, allows you to request campaigns that aren’t currently active on MaxBounty. Once you’ve requested a campaign and filled out the additional information, our Business Development team will then review your request. If the campaign you’ve requested is deemed as having adequate value, our team will then work to acquire the advertiser if necessary, and launch the campaign at MaxBounty for you to promote. If the campaign you request is eventually launched, we’ll ensure your Affiliate Manager contacts you so that you’re aware.

Below is a preview of the Request form.


We even want you to tell us what rate you would need to promote this offer at MaxBounty rather than another network.

To try out this this feature, just log in to your MaxBounty account and click here to begin filling out the Request a Campaign form.

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01 FEB 2018 - Network

FREE Web Hosting Now Available to MaxBounty Affiliates

Starting this month, MaxBounty is offering affiliates another unique network feature that no other CPA network has before. You can now host your website on our own MaxBounty Hosting platform at absolutely no cost.

Any MaxBounty affiliate can receive free web hosting by helping us acquire new MaxBounty Hosting users by promoting the Maxbounty Hosting offer that is now active.

If you’re an affiliate of ours, all you need to do is generate (3) leads to the campaign and you’ll be automatically enrolled to one month of reliable and secure web hosting at no cost. To continue to receive free hosting, just generate an additional (1) lead on the offer each month thereafter. If you were to generate (2) leads in your next month, you’d receive (2) months of free hosting. The number of free months you can receive after you’ve hit the initial (3) lead threshold is endless.

It’s entirely possible that you could receive a lifetime’s worth of free hosting if you consistently obtain conversions when promoting the MBH offer.

The campaign pays out in both CPA ($80) and RevShare (50% of sale) models depending on the type of lead being generated. The CPA rate pays out on a completed annual hosting purchase while the RevShare % of sale pays out on any other type of sale.

The benefits of this opportunity are two-fold, as you’ll gain access to free web hosting while also earning money by promoting the offer. You can essentially be paid to use MaxBounty Hosting.

The way you begin getting your free hosting is simple. Once you’ve generated the 3 leads to the offer, you’ll be sent a promo code which you will input at to receive your specialized hosting package. Your free month will begin and last for 30 days from the day you input your promo code and receive your package details.

The hosting package you’ll receive includes the following premium features.

• Our highest performance and speed
• Unlimited websites
• Unlimited storage
• Unlimited bandwidth
• Unlimited Park Domains
• Unlimited Sub Domains
• Unlimited E-mail Accounts
• Unlimited Domain Privacy

Click here to begin promoting the MaxBounty Hosting offer to receive free hosting.

To learn more about our web hosting services, go to

Note: If you’re unable to generate an additional (1) lead in your 2nd month or any other month that follows one where you did receive free hosting, you will receive an e-mail giving you the option to purchase hosting for that month. We understand it’s important that any of your websites hosted by us remain active, so a grace period will be provided for you to decide if you’d like to purchase your next month, or de-activate your hosting at no cost.

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06 NOV 2017 - Network

Be Rewarded for Quality with RevShare Campaigns

Starting today, MaxBounty is introducing a set of Revenue Sharing (RevShare) offers designed to provide you with a new way to earn money at the network. This will be a permanent fixture of MaxBounty, and you can expect a heavy influx of new RevShare campaigns going forward, just like we’ve done and continue to do with CPA campaigns.

If you’re unfamiliar with what exactly RevShare means or how it works, you won’t be in about 30 seconds.

What is RevShare?

A RevShare model guarantees that the affiliate and the advertiser of the campaign will split whatever revenue is generated from the traffic you send to a sale offer. Rather than a CPA rate, each offer will have its own percentage of sale that determines how much you, the affiliate, earns once a purchase has been made.

We’ll use a couple of our now active RevShare launch campaigns to break it down a little further:

Zaful is a leading online clothing store offering items in the latest fashion. Our Zaful RevShare campaign pays out 12% of sale. If you direct a user to this offer and they make a purchase consisting of clothing items that add up to $200, you’ll earn exactly 12% of their total purchase, which in this case would be $24.

If you’re promoting our Neuro67 Brain Supplement campaign (45% per sale) and you direct a user to the offer who buys $100 worth of supplements, you’ll earn $45. You’re receiving a specific cut of every purchase that one of your leads generates.

The Benefits of RevShare

Rev-Share rewards quality. If you’re sending traffic to an offer and those users are making large volume purchases, therefore making the advertiser significant money, you'll get paid accordingly. There are specific verticals where this type of model can be beneficial, and eventually you’ll learn where either CPA or RevShare is a better option, depending on what you’re promoting and how it’s being promoted.

When comparing CPA to a RevShare, it’s important to keep in mind that one is not better than the other. The introduction of these campaigns is meant to simply diversify the types of offers at your disposal with MaxBounty, while introducing the ability to utilize new promotional tactics when running RevShare offers.

The following is a list of our now live RevShare campaigns, which you can expect to continually grow post-launch. Click on any link to be directed to the offer page and start running these campaigns today. – 80% of sale – 80% of sale

Zaful – 12% of sale

RoseGal – 12% of sale

DressLily – 12% of sale

TwinkleDeals – 12% of sale

Venorex – Varicose Vein Solution – 45% of sale

Neuro67 Brain Supplement - 45% of sale

Provillus Hair Growth – 45% of sale

Sammydress – 12% of sale

Gamiss – 20% of sale

RoseWholesale – 12% of sale

iShopStyle - Premium Outlet Store – 8% of sale

MaxBounty Hosting – 40% of sale

WhiteRockLoans – 72% of sale

Don't hesitate to ask your Affiliate Manager if you have any additional questions regarding our new RevShare Campaigns

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26 SEP 2017 - Network

MaxBounty Hosting Now Available!

We pride ourselves on continually trying to find new ways to offer affiliates more from a network - ways to ensure your spending your time more efficiently, so that you can focus on promoting and tracking campaigns and subsequently making more money.

MaxBounty Hosting aims to do just that.

Making money as an affiliate takes a lot of time and hard work, so we believe that finding and managing affordable and reliable hosting shouldn’t be. You can now do both all in one place.

We’ll be offering a variety of hosting packages at different price points with varied features to ensure you’ll find webhosting that’s tailored to your specific needs, while being provided with 24/7 technical support.

Below are the packages now available for purchase.

Web Hosting

Basic: $3.95/mo

Plus: $5.95/mo

Pro: $6.95/mo

Wordpress Hosting

Starter: $5.95/mo

Pro: $7.95/mo

Ultimate: $9.95/mo

Cloud Hosting

Lite: $6.95/mo

Pro: $8.95/mo

Business: $10.05/mo

To learn more about MaxBounty Hosting, what features come with each package, and to purchase those packages, head to by clicking here

The MaxBounty Hosting Campaign


Not only is MaxBonty Hosting a service, it’s also a CPA campaign that you can run at the network.

It’s important to note that CPA hosting campaigns are quite rare. Most hosting companies offer internal affiliate programs that operate on a rev-share model. These models generally don’t pay out as much and definitely don’t pay you as quickly, with some taking as long as a month after purchase to do so. This campaign will also pay out a $80 for ANY purchase of the monthly hosting packages listed above.

CPA: $80 CPA

Permitted Traffic Sources: Display, social, search, contextual, mobile

Countries: All

You can run the MaxBounty Hosting campaign now by clicking here

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31 OCT 2016 - Network

The MaxBounty Baseball Fright Fest Collection!

They're finally here! The MaxBounty Baseball Team All-Stars are now available in card form, meaning you can take the whole team with you in your back pocket wherever you go! These players are now forever immortalized (in more ways than one) for all you card collecting addicts out there!

These beautiful action packed FULL COLOUR fright-inducing photographs feature your favourite deceased MB All-stars such as Catcher, Vile Husky, the sensational slugging designated hitter, Tania Duhomicidal, and league MVP star outfielder, Steve Sauviolent. You and your friends can swap cards to obtain your favourite post-mortem players on your way to collecting the whole spine chilling set! All you need to do is find a nickel, and send it to the bottom of your pocket and keep it there because these cards don't exist and are not for sale.

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