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16 FEB 2018 - Industry

How Facebook's Reach Revisions Could Affect Affiliates

This week Facebook implemented some changes to their Page Insights section that will impact the way reach and impression information is calculated. If you’re an administrator of a page that you use to promote offers, it’s important to know what these changes are and how they could alter your perception of the analytics Facebook provides you with.

Below is a description from Facebook of the main changes being implemented.

"For Pages, we’ve historically calculated reach based on how many times a post was delivered in News Feed. And for paid ads, we use a stricter definition that only counts reach once a post enters a person's screen.

We previously announced this change, and starting Monday, we will update how we measure organic reach of Pages to be more consistent with the way we calculate reach for ads. This is a change in the way that we measure reach, not a change in News Feed distribution, and other engagement metrics will remain the same. This will provide Page owners with a more precise measurement of their audience and offer a more consistent measurement methodology across both our paid and organic reach reporting. Since this is stricter reporting, some Pages may see lower reach figures than before."

To smoothen the transition process, both the new and old metrics will be available to admins for the next couple of months.

Facebook’s definition of reach has always been a little ambiguous, and unlike engagement such as comments and clicks, there’s no way for you, the page owner, to verify the information Facebook is providing is accurate.

Something important to take away from this is that the number of users you typically reach with your posts should remain the same. If you notice a decrease in your reach numbers, it’s because what was considered a ‘Reach’ before on your page has changed, not that less users are being exposed to your content.

In addition to technical changes, the Page Insights section is receiving a cosmetic makeover as well. Both iOS and Android versions of the Facebook app have been updated, with information being re-prioritized and moved to the top of display, including:

• Page diagnostics (likes, reach, engagement)

• Recent post performance

• Page engagement preview (demographics of new followers, etc.)

Admins can also now create new posts that are based off older posts that have gained traction in the past. This gives you the opportunity to have repeated success by duplicating components of your posts that your users felt compelled to engage with previously.

If you notice a decrease in reach, don’t be too alarmed, as it’s likely just a by product of this update. Continue to monitor other engagement such as clicks, likes, and comments as that information is what's most valuable anyways. Both these technical and cosmetic changes could alter the way you promote and analyze content as a Facebook Page admin however, so it’s important to be aware of what they are, and what exactly they change, until Facebook decides to change something again next month.

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12 JAN 2018 - Industry

Selecting Profitable Niches For the New Year

The beginning of a new year means an opportunity to start fresh and reflect on personal growth, and that same approach can be followed if you’re an affiliate marketer. You likely have an understandable desire to make more money in 2018 than you did in 2017, and we’d like to do what we can to help make that a reality.

Deciding what niche(s) to stick with and which new ones you should explore is a decision that any affiliate, new or experienced, will continually make in their online careers. It’s also a decision that can have a significant impact on your success, and it may be on your mind even more as you set your goals for a new year.

With such an overwhelming quantity of niches and offers available to promote, and new ones constantly rising in popularity, making a choice can seem like a daunting task. We’re going to provide you with some advice that will make this process more organized, setting you on a path to choosing the niche that best compliments you as you begin your year.

Turn Off the Noise

Your plan should never be to simply google “what’s the hottest niche in affiliate marketing in 2018?” You’ll just find yourself feeling bombarded with conflicting widespread information of questionable accuracy. Doing some research and making your own calculated decisions is a wiser approach. What works for one affiliate isn’t going to necessarily work for you, as this decision will be partially based on your own preferences and capabilities. Learning to filter information can greatly improve your efficiency when doing any kind of research in affiliate marketing.

If you’re adamant about hearing some specific suggestions from other affiliates, instead utilize affiliate marketing forums and other communities where you can openly ask questions and receive feedback. You’re more likely to get up to date information on what your contemporaries are doing, which you can then use as part of your overall research that your decision will be based on.

Saturation Savvy

Although a heavily saturated niche market may seem wise to avoid, it’s important not to over-emphasize the importance of “getting in first”. Choosing an obscure niche that you’re unfamiliar with could end up wasting you time if the consumer base is too small, regardless of how well you’re setting up your campaigns.

Just because “retired dad candle lovers” is untapped, doesn’t mean you should start throwing down hundreds of dollars a day on PPV traffic in that niche promoting candle offers.

Competition can be a sign of a prosperous market, and you can utilize online tools such as Google Trends to help you determine the popularity of a niche and how it compares to others over time.

Put Your Passion First

If possible, promote what you know and love.

Promoting offers within a niche you already have a passion for can give you a massive advantage over other affiliates who lack that interest. If you’re passionate about a product or industry, you’re more likely to understand it’s appeal. This is useful in answering some important questions that inevitably arise whenever you’re planning on promoting an offer in any niche.

Why are consumers attracted to this?

What keeps them gravitated towards it long-term?

What knowledge do I have that could help me stand out?

If you’re a pet owner and are obsessed with your pet’s diet and nutrition, you’ll have an advantage when promoting healthy pet food offers over your dog-less affiliate brethren. You’ll have a better idea of which brands and campaigns have greater converting potential, while being more likely to dedicate time testing different ideas since it’s something you care about outside of affiliate marketing.

As we mentioned earlier, you need to ensure that what you’re passionate about isn’t too small of a niche. Make sure that relative CPA campaigns for this niche actually exist, and do some research to see if there’s a consumer base substantial enough to make running campaigns profitable.

Tested and True

There are broad "evergreen" niches that stand the test of time and continue to be profitable for affiliates. The number one reason why is because they have a constant flow of repeat buyers who continue to purchase these products or services time and time again.

If you’re struggling to find a new niche you’re comfortable promoting offers in, starting out with one of these larger stabilized niches and then reducing it down to a more targeted sub niche can be an effective strategy to get you moving in the right direction.

The following are some examples of those. We've also provided a few MaxBounty campaigns that convert well for our affiliates within each niche.

Health & Beauty

• Fat burning supplements

• Fitness/diet programs

• Skin care products

• Muscle enhancers

High Converting Offer: Slim Trim 2000 – Weight Loss- US - $76 CPA


• Payday Loans

• General Loans (Auto, etc.)

• Credit Scores

High Converting Offer: Zippy Loan - $44 CPA


• Different geographical locations

High Converting Offer: Survey Junkie – US – $1 CPA

From the above niches, you can begin using some creativity to think of sub-niches and angles that will allow you to combat oversaturation.

If you’re promoting weight loss offers you could promote within a sub-niche of ‘Men over 40 looking to lose stomach fat’, or if you’re promoting auto loans you could test an angle of ‘newly graduated students looking to buy their first car’. You know there’s money to be made in the niche, you just need to find smaller gaps within it where there are consumers ready to make a purchase or complete an action who haven’t been reached yet.

You’ll need to also consider how you plan to obtain traffic as well when choosing a niche. You may have difficult finding offers in some niches that allow certain methods, or perhaps the action that is required for a conversion would be difficult to obtain with your preferred traffic source. This would be a great instance where you could utilize your Affiliate Manager to gain further direction.

Use Your Judgement

There’s no simple formula for choosing a niche that will be profitable, but the above suggestions should improve your chances of finding one while saving you time. Research the right way, try to promote within your passions, and don’t be afraid to promote within niches that have a history of making affiliates money.

Each time you go through this process, you should try to learn something new that will expand your knowledge and improve your efficiency long-term. Recognizing trends while understanding what works best for you, will ultimately make you more confident whenever you decide to run campaigns in a new niche.

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15 NOV 2017 - Industry

Vote MaxBounty as Your #1 CPA Network of the Year!

There’s only one month left to vote for MaxBounty in mThink’s BlueBook Top CPA Nework Survey, with polls closing on December 17th.

If you haven’t yet voted for us, you can fill out the short survey by heading here. It only takes about 30 seconds to complete and all industry professionals including affiliates, advertisers, and agency members are encouraged to make their voice heard.

MaxBounty has placed 1st in these ranking three times previously, and we need your help in making it four.

We strive to continually evolve and adapt to ensure our network offers you new features and services, like our webhosting and revshare campaigns that we’ve recently launched. We hope you feel the same way when filling out this survey, and feel confident in naming MaxBounty your top CPA network of the past year.

Vote Now

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03 AUG 2017 - Industry

Vote for MaxBounty in the 2018 mThink Bluebook Survey

If you’ve been reaching your goals and improving your business with MaxBounty, we ask that you share that with the world by voting for us in this year’s mThink BlueBook Top Network Survey.

Every year, mThink tallies votes from affiliates, advertisers, and industry professionals to determine which CPS and CPA networks are considered the best to work with in the affiliate marketing industry. Professional service, quality of offers, and a network’s ability to stand out amongst their competition, are some of the criteria to consider when placing your vote. We like to think we excel at providing each of those to our clients, and if for any reason you disagree, we want you to tell us.

MaxBounty has been voted the #1 CPA network in this survey on three occasions, and we want you to help us make it four.

The voting is open now and you can have your voice heard by clicking here to begin the survey. The survey itself only asks four questions and can be completed in under a minute.

mThink is the online publishing division of mThinkDigital, a leading interactive marketing services agency focused on digital strategy, content marketing, customer acquisition, e-commerce and thought leadership.

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15 MAR 2017 - Industry

The Importance of Promoting with Pictures in Affiliate Marketing

Earlier this month we talked about the importance of writing effective headlines when promoting an offer. Launching highly targeted Facebook ads, creating a custom squeeze page, and other forms of promotional support all require you to do just that. Another important component of those promotion methods is properly utilizing images to increase engagement.

Look at this Photograph

The internet is an environment where users are looking to consume information as quickly as possible, and social media has accelerated this ten fold. The faster you can accurately communicate to them what it is you’re promoting, the better chance you have of maintaining their interest. It’s not just an old idiom that a picture says a 1000 words, it’s a term manifested from truth. Pictures have been proven to increase engagement, and the right pictures can act as a green light at the start of the sale path for the user.

Increasing Valuable Engagement

Although it may sound obvious, you want to ensure the pictures you use are relative to what it is you’re promoting. This is where we’ve seen some affiliates make a misstep. An attractive picture is nice, but if there’s a disconnect between it and the actual content, the user is going to be ending their engagement almost immediately. They’re going to notice the irrelevance and it will distract them from the actual product/service you’re trying to promote.

If you’re promoting a skincare offer, don’t use a picture of a dog. They have fur.

"Pictures are only effective in influencing brand choice if there is a clear connection with the brand and message" – Giep Franzen, Advertising Effectiveness

There are multiple resources online that can supply you with high quality free-to-use images, without looking like the typical sterile stock photo. Pexels and Unsplash, just to name a couple. Use these and other sites to your benefit in order to give your landing page or other creatives a high quality look. Whether you're creating from scratch or using an LP builder,

If possible, showcase the product or service in your images, or present a scenario of the user post-purchase. For example, if you’re promoting a travel offer like, show the outcome of the user using the service.

The two images below could both be used for this example, but the right photo is a less than genuine stock photo that doesn’t communicate much other then faux enthusiasm. The left photo which I obtained from, actually relates to the benefit of the offer – how the user could be positively effected by using’s services. It’s more tangible and adds a level of realism not found in the photo to the right. It also adds legitimacy to the campaign, as stock photos can have a reputation for being used for low quality or scammy products.


Sweet Emotion

The image on the left above attempts to generate a specific emotion from the user that the stock image fails at accomplishing. In this case, the excitement of traveling to a new destination. In any type of advertising, striving to create an emotional response from the audience is important, and that philosophy should be no different for your promotional methods. The type of emotion you’re trying to invite from the user should relate to what you’re promoting, but can include a wide range of feelings like happy, sad, angry, disgusted, excited, excited, and countless more. You won’t find as much success relying purely on logic, so tap in to the emotions of the user to ultimately increase your conversions

As with anything in affiliate marketing, always test to see what works best. It's the best way to hone your promotion techniques and to learn what does and doesn't work with certain demographics.

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