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24 JUL 2017 - Offer

Bonus-Filled Airbnb Offer Launches at MaxBounty

Airbnb is one of the most popular online accommodation services and has become a household name (no pun intended) for being a great alternative to hotels when traveling. Their first CPA campaign has just launched at MaxBounty and is poised to become a big earner for our affiliates on name value alone. On top of the $40 CPA rate, there are eight tiered bonuses that can increase the payout up to $200 depending on the geographical location of the property that the host is trying to fill.

This campaign converts once a user/host receives a booking on their property. The eight location-specific bonuses for new properties or top tier locations will increase the initial payout, and are available to all affiliates promoting this offer. These bonuses make this campaign unique in that they have a drastic effect on how much you could earn from this campaign if you’re able to effectively target users who fall under the higher tiers.

Listed below are the right bonus tiers that stack on to the initial $40 CPA rate.

$160.00/Sale Bonus: host receives a booking (Tier 0 and 1)

$80.00/Sale] Bonus: host receives a booking (Tier 2)

$40.00/Sale Bonus: host receives a booking (Tier 3)

$40.00/Lead Bonus: host enters their property info (Tier 0)

$20.00/Lead] Bonus: host enters their property info (Tier 1)

$12.00/Lead Bonus: host enters their property info (Tier 2)

$8.00/Lead Bonus: host enters their property info (Tier 3)

$4.00/Lead Bonus: host enters their property info (Tier 4)

To learn more about what cities fall under each tier, you can click here to see a comprehensive list for each one.

Countries: United States, Canada

Permitted Traffic Sources: Display, Search, Social, Mobile, Contextual

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29 JUN 2017 - Offer iOS and Android App Campaigns Launch at MaxBounty

Two new app campaigns from have recently launched at MaxBounty that have high converting potential. is a is a digital library and e-book and audiobook subscription service that gives users access to everything worth reading. This includes books, audiobooks, news publications, magazines, documents, and more. These Android and iOS campaigns for the service will allow users to read all of that content directly on their mobile devices, including both smartphones and tablets.

Both app offers pay out $7 a lead and convert on an install and registration. Users will be directed to the Google Play store and iTunes for the Android and iOS campaigns respectively.

Scribd is a premier brand in the digital library space, and their name recognition alone will assist in attracting users to your promotion of these campaigns. They host over 60 million documents in total on their open publishing platform.

Permitted Traffic Sources: Social, Contextual, Web, Mobile

Countries: All

CPA Rate: $7

Login in to your MaxBounty account to start promoting these offers now. Below you'll find links to both the iOS and Android versions of this offer.

Run iOS App

Run Android App

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29 MAY 2017 - Offer

Dad Day Approaching Means Increased Tactical Flashlight Conversions

People love tactical flashlights. Something about harnessing the immense power of light contained within a slick black steel cylinder really sparks a hidden desire inside of them. This is all great news for when you start promoting our TAC-1200 – Tactical Flashlight offer. You might even love the $60 payout more than they love the flashlight.

You know who loves tactical flashlights more than the average person, though? Dads. In between telling bad jokes and having Home Depot obsessions, they love to shine bright lights on things. With Father’s Day happening early next month, this creates an additional opportunity to attract users to this campaign.

The TAC-1200 Tactical Flashlight features 2,000 lumens, a slip-resistant aircraft-grade aluminum, and is 100% waterproof. Users can also purchase the light up to 90% off it’s regular price with both free shipping and handling.

This offer converts on a completed purchase.

Permitted Traffic Sources:> Web, Contextual, Social, Mobile, Search

Countries: United States

CPA Rate: $60 per sale

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08 MAY 2017 - Offer

Increase Conversions with Bouquet Bar as Mother's Day Approaches

Mother’s Day always provides an opportunity for affiliates to increase their earnings by promoting targeted campaigns. Flower and chocolate/candy related offers convert especially well during this time, as they’re easily the most popular gift that users will be purchasing for their mothers. Our Bouquet Bar’s Mother’s Day Gift Box campaign looks to combine those traditional gifts in a creative way, and is the optimal offer to be promoting at MaxBounty for the first half of May.

Bouquet Bar let's users choose from a wide selection of luxurious curated gift boxes that feature an assortment of sweet treats, candles, jewellery, floral arrangements, and more. They can customize their boxes to ensure their mom is receiving only items that she’ll love.

A Mother’s Day tailored landing page and creatives, will also help attract Mother’s Day related traffic as they feature 15% off coupon codes that should further increase your conversion rate. Every traffic source except Incentive is also permitted, which will ensure you have a multitude of ways to promote the offer.

CPA Rate: $16 per sale

Permitted Traffic Sources Web, Contextual, Social, Mobile, Search, E-mail

Countries: United States

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28 APR 2017 - Offer

New Credit Score Campaign Borrowell is Exclusive to MaxBounty

Borrowell is a new Credit Score campaign at MaxBounty that provides traffic source freedom, and a clean well branded site that users should find attractive.

The service allows users to view their free Equifax credit score in just three minutes. They can also track changes every three months, receive finance tips that will help them improve their score, and see recommendations that match their profile.

Borrowell strives to use digital technology to speed up financial services which have a reputation of being slow. The quicker and easier it is for a user to receive their credit score, the more likely they are to use the service.

Borrowell has been featured in top Canadian publications such as The Globe and Mail, The Toronto Star, Financial Post, and Breakfast Television. It’s a service that is rapidly making a name for itself in Canada.

You’ll also only be able to find this offer at MaxBounty.

This campaign converts upon a user sign up and a credit score being successfully received.

CPA rate: $2.20

Permitted Traffic Sources: Web, Contextual, Social, Mobile, Search

Countries: Canada

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